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Elevate Your Shopping Experience!

Get personalized shopping assistance to help maximize success and minimize frustration. Let's team up to take your wardrobe to new heights, explore top quality brands and choose garments that perfectly complement your body type. Say hello to a wardrobe that truly reflects your style!

  • Personally guided shopping trip!

  • You will get styling tips, assistance with clothing choices, a fit assessment and advice for making sure each purchase aligns with your style, budget, and wardrobe.

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Let your vacation begin now!


Whether it’s business or personal, don’t spend another minute getting frustrated over what to pack or wear. Fashionality will coordinate the most versatile pieces and styles from your wardrobe to create the perfect look for each day of your trip!

  • Travel Wardrobe Styling session: guidance for a curated and stylish travel wardrobe that will work for your travel activities. 

  • Style board showcasing your travel outfits.

a stylish organized woman's closet


Let's Refine Your Closet!


Say goodbye to clutter and hello to functionality with a personalized closet evaluation. From maximizing space to optimizing hanger usage and sorting garments effectively, I'll transform your closet into a streamlined oasis. Simplify your morning routine and effortlessly curate stylish outfits everyday!

  • Assess your current wardrobe to identify key pieces, remove outdated clothes, shoes and accessories

  • Create an organized closet space reflecting your current style.

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Discover Your Style Essentials!

Unleash your personal style potential by curating fresh looks from your existing wardrobe. Get insights on your best colors and master the art of accessories for maximum impact. Plus, gain valuable knowledge on dressing for your unique body type.

  • Personalized style assessment evaluating your current style, body type and lifestyle

  • Tailor a wardrobe of outfits to make you look and feel your best!

  • Expert advice on how to mix and match clothing items, accessories, and incorporate current trends.

  • Color analysis advice on how to personalize a color palette into your wardrobe.

Personal Wardrobe Stylist Orlando | Fashionality | See more at


Find your perfect fit!

Experience comfort & confidence. Get a personalized fitting for your foundation garments (bras, shape-wear, etc.). As a certified bra fitting expert, I can provide a tailored fitting experience to find the perfect bra for you.

  • Discuss needs and take precise measurements.

  • Bra Selection: guidance on selecting the right bras for your breast shape, size, and fit. 

  • Try-on-Session along with tips on bra care and maintenance.  

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