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"Fashionality is more than just a styling service - it's a journey of self-expression!"

While true beauty comes from within, fashion serves as an outward expression. My goal is to assist you in understanding, identifying, and refining your unique style.



Let's Refine Your Closet!


Say goodbye to clutter and hello to functionality with a personalized closet evaluation. From maximizing space to optimizing hanger usage and sorting garments effectively, I'll transform your closet into a streamlined oasis. Simplify your morning routine and effortlessly curate stylish outfits everyday!

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Discover Your Style Essentials!

Unleash your personal style potential by curating fresh looks from your existing wardrobe. Get insights on your best colors and master the art of accessories for maximum impact. Plus, gain valuable knowledge on dressing for your unique body type. It's time to elevate your fashion game!


Elevate Your Shopping Experience!

Get personalized shopping assistance to help maximize success and minimize frustration for both gentlemen and ladies. Let's team up to take your wardrobe to new heights, explore top quality brands, and choose garments that perfectly complement your body type. Say hello to a wardrobe that truly reflects your individual style.

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Are you looking for a speaker with a unique topic for your organization?


Christina is a dedicated style educator and engaging speaker that offers customized workshops that can equip your audience with the knowledge and tools they need to cultivate a personal style that reflects their individuality.

Radiant Client Testimonials

Personal Wardrobe Stylist Orlando | Fashionality | See more at
Christina expertly helped me update my style and wardrobe. She helped me understand colors and clothing types that are flattering for me. She made the shopping experience fun and easy! I absolutely love my new wardrobe, and I feel empowered with the knowledge she taught me so that I can confidently choose clothing and accessories for myself in the future!

Holly F., Personal Shopping


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